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    An old tin drum, reclaimed and redesigned into a beautiful floor lamp. 


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    IMG_1760 (1)
    IMG_1759 (1)IMG_1761IMG_1767IMG_1763IMG_1742IMG_1741IMG_1740IMG_1739

  • ASPIRE SOLD FOR R11 000!!!

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    To aim, or seek ambitiously for something great.  To rise up.

    “To aim, or seek ambitiously for something great. To rise up”.

    Aspire (Designers Lamp) sold for R11 000 at the South African Golf Heritage Trust, 7th annual Southern Africa Golf Hall of Fame Induction Gala Banquet. Wednesday 05 April 2017, at the Equinox Flame and Flavour restaurant, Plettenberg BayThis was preceded by the Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament on the 4th and 5th of April as part of the SA Senior Open at Plettenberg Bay GC.

    Funds raised at Gala Banquet will go to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. The event is dedicated to the Humpback Dolphin.


    – Denis Watson (introduced by Mark McNulty & Hugh Baiocchi)
    – Angela Hockey (introduced by Peter Sauerman)
    – Esther Gaille (introduced by Sally Little)
    – H Gordon Stewart (introduced by Dale Hayes)
    – Arthur Stewart (introduced by Denis Hutchinson)
    – Harry Brews award: Nomads (introduced by SAGA & Sunshine Tour)
    – Special Award: Judy Angel (introduced by Hugh Baiocchi)



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    The question is, how do we stimulate imagination?

    In search of a “how to” book of “how to stimulate imagination”..
    a recipe to follow..
    “Imagination book for dummies..”

    how do we stimulate vision?


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    Beauty for Ashes is a unique lamp, designed and created out of nails and a natural wooden stump. Beauty for Ashes originated out of God’s desire that every person should be delivered from what they have done and from what has been done to them. Receiving Emotional Healing.

    The nails welded together to create a abstract version of a lady’s corset. The lady’s corset being mounted on a firm foundation, the wooden stump.

    LED lightbulb


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    October 2013, with my backpack and bicycle, I embarked on an adventure to Swaziland.  Curious to explore the country, but also enthusiastic to contribute creative furniture designs.  I was working as a volunteer, creating furniture for diverse people.  I worked with found objects, and had great fun redesigning the found objects into functional furniture.

    This antique hole digger was a great finding from the Saligna Wood factory yard.  There was no question that the antique hole digger needed to be redesigned as an exquisite light.


    Antique hole digger found in Swaziland at Saligna Wood Factory yard


    Antique hole digger (detail)


    Antique hole digger (detail)

    antique hole digger lamp

    Antique hole digger redesigned to function as an exquisite lamp.

    Antique hole digger lamp(2)

    Antique hole digger lamp.

    antique hole digger lamp(3)

    Antique hole digger lamp (detail)


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    My Kitchen has a brand new look and feel, by painting the existing cupboards with Plascon ageless paint.

    I also had a lot of fun using magazine snippets and motch potch to decorate the kitchen drawers.  And I used interesting found objects as drawer handles.

    2015 001

    BEFORE. The dark cupboards made the kitchen look dark.


    AFTER… Brand new look and feel, with the help of Plascon Ageless paint.


    AFTER…. Superman, Sherlock Holmes, and old magazines snippets motch potched onto kitchen drawers, to create brand new fun look and feel. And I also replaced the handles with interesting found objects.



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    This design started with a table, which I found on a skip at Amersham Hill… February, 2011 (High Wycomb, United Kingdom).

    I was studying Masters Degree in Furniture Design at Bucks University, High Wycomb.  I was walking past a pile of junk, when I spotted the table.  I did not have a car, and so I decided to carry the table on my back to the University. As I was walking with the table on my back, someone shouted: “look it’s a walking table”.

    march 008

    table (13)table (12)









    table (1)









    It was clear how the table could work as a comfortable seating… By filling the table with soft cushions and sitting  “inside” the table. Though the table could function as seating, it was not yet functioning as comfortable seating.  For me, anything that is stagnant and motionless has an uncomfortable “dead” feeling about it.  To make a comfortable seating out of this table, the shape had to be adjusted to support the back and the head.  I played around with the idea of sitting “inside” a comfortable shape and also how movement can become part of the design.  My thoughts went towards a dish shape chair which could freely “rock and roll” in different directions.

    laughing 001







    I was looking at different options how this “dish shape” could be manufactured as a chair. The objective is comfort, light and motion.


    The options of creating a curved shape out of wood:

    1. Milling solid lumber into a curved shape

    The main drawback of milling is that the strength of a milled piece falls rapidly beyonmillingd 90° of the arc.  It is easy enough to band saw an arc out of solid wood, but the resulting short grain at the top of the curve makes the piece very weak. Even with careful layout much of the board becomes scrap. Milling solid lumber into curved shape is precise, easily repeatable shapes, fast once the setup is done and the process is cost effective if labour and materials are taken together.



    2. Lamination bending,

    Thin strips of wood are glued together around a shaped mould.  The process is time-conslaminatinguming.  Before any lamination could take part, a mould has to be made into the right shape or form.  Sometimes more than one mould is required for the shape you want to achieve.  The glue must set up for an extended period, and sanding is needed after the glue sets.  A bent lamination has high strength over any degree of arc. The technique offers consistent and repeatable results.  The wood is extremely stable once its bent time consuming.


    3. Steam bending, where solid wood is heated with steam and bent.

    It’s difficult to get repeatable bends: different woods react differently and some are impossibsteam bendingle to bend.  It is possible to construct almost any degree in arc without compromising strength.  The process is fast once the equipment is set up.  Steaming allows an efficient and cost effective use of material and results in little waist.




    Design development of Bended

    The biggest challenge with Bended was the double bend.  Wood is flexible being bend parallel to the grain; the problem arises when timber needs to bend parallel and right angle to the grain.

    At first, I was looking at laminating bending, manufacturing this shape in the most simplistic manner so that the end product would be strong but also have a simplistic look and feel.  Laminating bending is time consuming.  It takes time making the mould, laminating the veneers, waiting for the glue to cure.  The shape of the chair was not yet a successful solution, which means I had to produce full size prototypes first; testing the shape, size, strength, safety and the ergonomics of the design as comfortable seating.  Making the full size prototypes with laminating bending and making different moulds until I discover the right shape and size, would be time consuming and expensive.  I was also concerned that the laminated end product could result in a heavy chair; and I for me there is nothing more uncomfortable than a heavy chair.

     The quickest way to make full size prototype and test the shape, is to mill the shape out of mdf.  It will save time and money and the end product won’t be as heavy.  The files for CNC milling were prepared. and the first prototype was made out of MDF:

    art 001
    chair 6DSC_5247
    demonstrating bended wood




    may 2011 048

    Bended prototype. The objective is comfort, light and motion.



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    My wheelbarrow worked hard on the farm, and after mending it a few times, there came a day I had to admit that this wheelbarrow days were over.

    My friend has a very energetic 5 year old son, who wants to be a Formula One driver when he grows older.  I decided to have fun and redesign the wheelbarrow wheel into a “one wheel push car”.  Which means my friend’s son could play and have fun, getting fit running around and driving all over the place.